The Knowledge-based Internationalization of Italian Fashion Firms. The Chinese Market Experience

Mario Testa, Vittoria Marino, Gerardino Metallo, Bernardino Quattrociocchi, Salvatore Esposito De Falco


International strategic alliances with Chinese operators often entail considerable risks and managerial difficulties associated with national culture and institutional differences, which can hinder the achievement of the intended strategic objectives. This study analyzes and evaluates the critical events perceived by seven of the most important textile and clothing companies in Southern Italy in their internationalization process towards the Chinese market. The explorative research, adopting a knowledge-based view, aims to analyze the way in which during the internationalization process critical incidents have been managed.

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Chinese Market; Critical Incident Technique; Italian Fashion Firms

ISSN: 1971-5293

ISSNe: 2283-3374

Esperienze d'Impresa, Reg. Tribunale Salerno n. 875 del 3/11/1993