Stefano Ranucci PhD


This paper aims to describe truffles market in Campania highlighting the actors and their interactions and drawing the market structure. Market analysis is finalized to detect development opportunities and limits to grow expansion. The goal is to suggest managerial solutions in order to promote market development.
The research work starts with a preliminary examination of the industry features through the use strategic management approach. The industry has been studied using the Porter’s five forces model defining its attractiveness for all business actors.
Truffles market in Campania has relevant growth opportunities as shown by economic data collected. Consumer behaviour and needs for typical products corroborate findings in economic data analysis. The productive chain shows several inefficiencies related to the presence of information asymmetries among the actors involved. These inefficiencies represent the principal factor delaying market development. To remove these inefficiencies collaborative strategies among principal actors represent the solution recommended. The consortium between producers, local agencies, and other relevant actors is the way suggests to encourage the collaboration.
This work belongs to literature analysing typical productions effects for development of territories through marketing and strategic management tools.
In this literature, truffles market analysis in Campania represents a first original contribution of this paper. Solutions suggested may be considered a helpful methodological guideline for all industry actors in order to foster typical productions through strategic collaboration.
KEY WORDS Truffle | Typical productions | Agricultural market development |Strategic collaboration | Consortium | Campania.

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