Il “museo diffuso” e le risorse immateriali quali determinanti della competitività di una destinazione turistica culturale



The research objective is to analyze the “widespread museum” of the city of Taranto, that starting from the museum “MARTA” extends to the city, in view of a cultural touristic destination.

In particular, the research aims to verify if and how the “widespread museum” may help to achieve social and economic positive externality, so substantial benefits for stakeholders involved in the local community as the residents.

This means to ask if the residents enjoy the culture of the area, the specific expertise and the interpersonal skills of the cultural touristic destination, necessary in order to improve their quality of life in the city. Therefore, the role of intangible assets in the development of destination, as perceived by residents, has been defined through a questionnaire.

Parole chiave

cultural touristic destination competitiveness; destination sustainability; quality of life; intangible assets; "widespread museum"; questionnaire.

ISSN: 1971-5293

ISSNe: 2283-3374

Esperienze d'Impresa, Reg. Tribunale Salerno n. 875 del 3/11/1993