Vincenzo Sanguigni


The aim of the research is to describe widely the European and the Italian energy market scenarios of the last decade, analyzing specific topics (such as the European energy
dependence, the liberalization of the electricity and gas sectors and the obstacles to the competition in the emerging markets) and the strategic approach of Italian enterprises.
The research was developed through a five month study of the Energy sector, using sources of information as Eurostat, AEEG and GME data. The present research is a qualitative and quantitative description of the scenario, reporting numerical data and trends of the sectors and describing the possible evolution of the gas and electricity markets in the near future.
The main finding of the research is that there will not be a real competitive energy market until some obstacles are removed: the trend toward market concentration and the residual market power of incumbents (such as ENI or ENEL in Italian markets) are just few of these obstacles. Moreover the European energy market players must aim at diversifying energy sources and suppliers. Depending on countries like those of the FSU or Middle East is the main reason why prices of energy are still high in European countries.
The research’s value is that it aims at being an easy but exhaustive description of the dynamics of the new energy markets and of the strategic behaviour of Italian enterprises.

KEY WORDS Energy | Liberalization | Electricity and Gas Markets | Italian Energy Market.

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Esperienze d'Impresa, Reg. Tribunale Salerno n. 875 del 3/11/1993